The Tox

A Lifetime of Support

Our approach to support is a simple one

The Tox is a brand built by a team, and that’s part of the bedrock of our way of operating. We designed our business model to deliver quality support to our owners whenever they need it, and back it up with experienced, expert assistance ready to step in and help out anytime.

Our approach to support is a simple one. Owners are the heart of our business, and we recognize the role we play in helping them operate throughout their days. We work to deliver the kind of care they can use, no matter the circumstances.

The Tox keeps the focus on our owners because they’re part of our family, and because we know the difference meaningful support can make to them as they serve their clients.

It’s all part of business as usual at The Tox, and it’s helped us develop a brand flexible and nimble enough for the modern marketplace.

Support From Day One

We’ve created a support framework centered on our owners at The Tox.  Here’s just some of the support you can expect when you join our brand.

Territory selection aid

From our experienced franchise team to help you identify and secure the perfect spot in your local community to set up your own The Tox Studio, free of competition from other owners in the franchise

Equality-based ownership program

Focused on providing opportunity to women entrepreneurs and on giving the tools and foundation to build viable careers to anyone with the drive and ability

A flexible franchise model

Designed to adjust to fit each individual’s specific situation, and to meet the particular requirements of the city or state, wherever you are and whatever your circumstances

Our flagship line of The Tox products

To help keep your clients tuned to their wellness with our proprietary, results-driven care, and as a potential additional revenue stream beyond treatments

Training programs

To get you and your staff familiar with The Tox Technique and the accompanying products, and to get you comfortable with our confidential franchise systems and processes

Social media and marketing campaigns

Designed to raise your profile within your local community, to establish your spa in the digital marketplace, and to heighten brand awareness among your potential client base

Mind body Online Dedicated Support

You will have a dedicated Mindbody online support contact to sure your technology operations are running smoothly.

Continuing support

After your doors open from our skilled and enthusiastic team of troubleshooters and subject-matter experts, so you can serve your clients with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re never alone

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Become a Franchise Owner with The Tox

At The Tox, we’ve developed an industry-leading support program that keeps the attention where it belongs — on the owners who keep us running and who work to deliver quality results to every client who comes to us. We’ve made support our centerpiece, and it’s helped us as we prepare to expand into new territories.

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“I originally thought this was a massage, boy was I wrong! The Tox is not a massage. but it will definitely replace my massages. It’s firmer and focuses on getting the lymphatic system moving . . . The next morning, I always feel and look less bloated and overall leaner!”

Katie A.

“First time getting a lymph treatment and it was amazing! I feel so light and refreshed after. My stomach also looks so much more toned.”

Tess M.

“They work on your body a lot to detoxify . . . Increases metabolism, burns calories, and rids you of toxins. Give it a try for sure!”

Sharm S.

“Such a great service. They always offer great packages. I have definitely seen a difference in my body definition and overall de-bloat health. Would definitely recommend getting started on a cleanse.”

Giannina B.

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