The Tox Franchise Opportunity

quantifiable & proven care

The Tox is a health and wellness concept unlike any other on the market. Our brand is devoted to delivering quantifiable, proven care that combines expert body work and techniques to improve lymphatic health that can help with water retention, remove excess toxins, and manage bloating, all in an upscale spa environment designed for client comfort.

women entrepreneurs

We’ve created a business model focused on providing women entrepreneurs with the opportunity and tools for their own growth, and are proud to be a women-founded, women-owned brand working to give back to the communities that support us.

Take ownership of your health

We’ve built a brand that’s become the destination for people interested in taking control of their personal wellness, and that’s helped drive our owners’ development. We’re there for them whenever they need us, and work with them every day to keep them, and the franchise, moving forward.

The Tox Advantage

At The Tox, we’re excited for what’s to come. We’re part of an industry that’s becoming more popular  everyday, and our proprietary techniques, and custom line of products, are designed to be in tune with the evolving needs of our clientele.

An Expanding Market

As the modern client base becomes more educated and aware of options for self-care, they have responded by seeking out ways to manage their health. It’s driven growth in the U.S. health and wellness spa industry, which enjoys an annual market of more than $19 billion, with more expansion expected in the future.

A Motivated Client Base

With that growth in the market comes a rise in personal commitment to individual health. Americans care about their personal wellbeing, both inside and out, and they’re willing to pay for it, with the fundamental concept of “wellness” today shifting to encompass a bigger-picture, whole-body approach to care, and amplifying the demand for effective health solutions.

An Established Technique

The Tox meets the increasing client demand with products, and techniques, on the cutting edge of the modern wellness movement. Our one-hour sessions are designed to manually cleanse the lymphatic and digestive system, a therapeutic method that’s been established as an effective way to improve gut condition and overall health.

The Tox Franchise Model

The Tox has developed a brand centered around our clients’ health and beauty, with an approach and expertise developed through experience in the field. It’s helped us grow into a franchise for the future, and gives our owners the tools for additional expansion.

That direction and drive inform our franchise as we look to what’s next, and gives us a foundation to build upon in the communities we connect with.

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The Tox is getting ready to move into new territories in cities across the U.S., and we’re looking for potential owners to come with us as we work to transform the lives of our clients wherever we set up ship.

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