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Interested in being part of a brand leading the industry with a technique and product unmatched on the market, and an approach that employs cutting-edge methods in a high-end spa environment to deliver quality wellness treatments and build client loyalty?

At The Tox

We’ve established ourselves as a one-of-a-kind destination for lymph cleansing, with a proven system of care aimed at building the interior of our clients as much as the exterior. We take a whole-body attitude to the work we do, and it’s helped make us the top name in the industry for lymphatic-system detoxification.

Franchise to Empower Women

We’re in an industry that’s been on the rise for decades, and which is expected to continue that development in the years ahead. And we’ve developed a franchise model centered around empowering women owners and giving them the tools, and foundation, to grow the brand.

A Proud Wellness Business

The Tox is proud of our revolutionary take on the wellness business, and we’re excited to share it with new clients in cities across the nation. We believe that every person who wants to better manage their well-being should have access to quality care, and that’s what we’re out to provide to them.

The Tox

Women-Owned, Community-Based and Results-Driven

Across the nation, women business ownership is on the rise, and The Tox is at the front lines of that expansion.

women entrepreneurs

The Tox was created as a way to provide opportunities to women entrepreneurs everywhere. That’s a responsibility we take seriously. Every person who has the ability should have the chance to develop their skills and put them to maximum use, and we’ve designed our business plans to help us meet that goal.

wage equality

That dedication shines through in every aspect of the brand. We push for wage equality at all levels of the franchise and make it our mission to make sure we offer women positions that are upwardly mobile and match their strengths, so they can work toward their own development along the way.

women-run business

It’s all part of the dedication we have to the women who make up our team of professionals. We’re a woman-founded and women-run business, and have the bedrock systems in place needed to continue that approach as we grow.

Meet our founder

Courtney Yeager

Since she first established herself as an influencer and health-and-fashion icon, The Tox founder and CEO Courtney Yeager has made it her goal to develop a business that can benefit the health of clients while providing much-needed ownership roles for women looking to make a mark in the business world.

Courtney understood that today’s clients were looking for services beyond the traditional, and were in search of solutions that could work on their entire body, inside and out.

After intensive research and effort, she landed on The Tox Technique, an innovative and effective cleansing method backed by science and driven by results. The Tox products, and franchise, were soon born.

The Tox Locations

Today, there are The Tox locations open in New York, Los Angeles, and points in between. And we’re just getting started, with new locations planned in states across the country.

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The Tox is building a brand that keeps the focus on client care and owner development, and we’re looking to move into additional territories in the coming years.

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